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SimpleLife Gaming
Teamspeak Server


At Simplelife we offer a large 35 person teamspeak server where you can chat with your friends while you play. We also have many other chat rooms for a range of games and social rooms.

What we offer:
- A fun and friendly place to chat with friends and make new friends
- Unlike Skype our teamspeak server offers a much higher audio quality
- Regular members can claim their FREE private room
- Regular staff online to assist in issues
- Relaxed rules
- A music room with a music bot playing the latest hits
- We have members from across the globe so there is always someone online

Everyone is welcome from all age ranges we have members ranging from 40-12 we'd love to get some new members to join us on our teamspeak.

We're also currently working on our website and will be looking for people interested in posting quality content.

I hope to see you soon!

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